Travelling with Fibro

My boyfriend and I live over 900 km from our closest family.  This means we travel a lot.  Unfortunately, when I travel my fibro travels with me.  Over the last few years I have honed my fibro travel skills so I thought it would be useful to share with you some of things that help me.

When my fibro was at its worst, plane flights literally brought me to tears.  From the time the flight took off until the time it landed, tears would stream down my face.  Apart from the meagre leg I couldn’t work out why flying was so painful.  Thankfully, I mentioned this predicament to a physio one day and she immediately shared two tips which have become my flight saviour.  The first, a back rest – many plane seats are straight up and down, stiff as a board.

 This simple frame fits easily onto the chair and takes the weight off the small of my back.  The second tip, a cushion.  As someone who is 5′ 9″ (and a half!) plane seats are just a little too low putting unwanted pressure on my already dodgy knees.  Placing a cushion on the seat helps to lift me up and take some of the weight off my knees.

I usually tuck the cushion underneath the back rest elastics and either pop them in a canvas tote or carry them on their own, depending on what else I’m taking.  There’s also no need to worry about airline carry on limits, at least not in Australia, as ‘health aids’ are an additional.

Okay, now in my bag….

  1. Meds – I prepack daily medication holders for the entire trip before I leave home.  I also have phone reminders set up to alert me when it’s time to take my regular meds.  This way I don’t have to think about what I need to take and when.  Each day I pop a new holder in my handbag and I’m ready to go. holiday
  2. Extra meds – just in case.
  3. Hotteeze – I’ve written about my love for these wearable heat pads before.  I keep one in my handbag at all times and make sure I pack extras when I go away.
  4. Fisocrem for tired muscles.
  5. Muscle relaxer for tight muscles.
  6. Tens machine (& charger) for helping to confuse the pain signals.
  7. Electric heat pad for night time (or anytime) sore muscles.

I find planning is key to helping manage my fibro but this is not always possible when on holidays.  Especially when you’re visiting somewhere you haven’t been before.  I haven’t found a way around this yet but these few tips help to make part the trip easier and less stressful.

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