Muscle Release

Muscle atrophy, muscle tension, muscle stiffness, muscle soreness…. I sometimes spend more time thinking about my muscles than I probably should.  The reason for this however, is because I am better able to manage my fibromyalgia when I look after my muscles.

Muscle tension is a major cause of a lot of my pain.  While I find massage to be helpful, visiting a good massage practitioner is not always practical (scheduling, travel and money often get in the way).  During my stay in a pain clinic, the physio introduced me to a few self-managed muscle release techniques other than stretching.

SPRI Tiger Tail

I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I first saw the Tiger Tail, Tiger Tail“It looks like a rolling pin, not a tiger tail!”  Once the initial shock wore off, the physio showed me how to roll the Tail over my thigh.  Trust me, it may look like a rolling pin but the last thing you want to do is use it like you’re rolling out dough.  Oh, the pain!  Thankfully, I was too weak at the time to cause too much damage.  Yes, it still hurt but it was a good kind of pain. You know the kind, the pain that tells you you’re going to benefit from this in the long run. That’s what I get every time I use the Tiger Tail.  It hurts but I know the pain is because I’m working out my knots and reliving sore muscles.

Even my dog loves getting in on the Tiger Tail action!


Hand Massager

Hand MassagerThis little device may look odd but it is a MUST try for tense muscles.  Whenever I go to a new massage practice I make sure I tell them I want an acupressure massage.  Acupressure massage absolutely kills, I cannot stress this enough, especially during a flare (or if I haven’t been doing my stretches regularly).  Put simply, the practitioner uses their fingers, palms and elbows to put as much pressure on your body’s acupuncture points as they can/you can take.

While you internally scream obscenities to/about the practitioner they keep going and after the torture is over, you remember why you ensure it.  The amazing feeling of released muscles. Bliss.

Now, I can get that same feeling of torture and sweet release right at home by using the hand massager to put pressure on my acupuncture points.

Again, even my dog approves. Charles & Hand Massage

3 thoughts on “Muscle Release

  1. How do you use the tiger tail? I’ve never heard of it. I have issues with my muscles, too. They get so tense that they form knots. My husband can feel the knots and tries to work them out. And I know that pain you talk about. It’s a good pain, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your information! I found your post at Fibro Friday.


    1. I’m glad you found this info helpful! I mainly use it on my thighs, rolling it over them like you would use a rolling pin 🙂 My boyfriend has used it on my back before but I like the fact that I can use it on my legs myself, that way I have control over the pressure. It’s great on knots. I roll it over the one spot, over and over, as much as I can handle!

      I bought it from a sports store here in Australia. Looks like the company is American though –

      Let me know how you go if you get one.


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