I find heat so helpful in relieving sore muscles that I always have multiple sources  ready to go at all times.

Wheat PackWheat Pack

Two minutes in the microwave and this baby is ready to be wrapped around my shoulders / neck / jaw and get to work.

The only problem I find with wheat packs is they don’t hold heat for as long as I’d like.  After about 15 – 20 minutes, the microwave is needed again.  Not really practical when you’re sore and tired.

Electric Heat Pad

Wheat packs and fibro back pain do not mix.  I find lying on wheat packs so uncomfortable that it actually overpowers the heats soothing effect.Electric Heat Pad

This is where the electric heat pad comes in.  Not only are they thin enough to lie on, they also don’t have the annoyance of needing to get up and reheat.  My Thermo Comfort Head Pad lasts for 2 hours and then automatically turns itself off.

This one also has 3 heat settings (although I generally only use the highest setting) and a 3 metre power cable meaning I don’t have to worry about where the power point is and can move from room to room, even taking it on away on holiday in less than ideally designed hotel rooms.

Hootteeze HeatHeat Pads Pads

The piece de resistance of heat pads is definitely the Hotteeze.  I have tried other stick on heat pads and they do not even come close.  Hotteeze stick to the outside of your clothing meaning they actually stay on unlike other pads which claim to stick on skin only to fall off at the mere mention of humidity.

The directions say these heat pads last for 12 hours but I have actually worn these for over 12 hours and had to take them off because I was over heating!  Now that is a powerful heat pad!

Hotteeze are also brilliant as they allow me to remain mobile and get on with my day rather than confining me to the bed/couch. In fact, I always keep a Hotteeze in my handbag and a couple in my desk  work.

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