Knowing your worth

Maybe it’s the fact it is 4.30am and I’ve already been awake for 2 hours thanks to painsomnia. Or maybe it’s because this applies to so many (if not all) industries. Whatever it is, the message in this article is everything!

“…my 8 year old daughter …. She’s growing up in an environment where she’s completely comfortable with power.”

As a woman in my early 20s working as a trainee and then qualified lawyer, I felt completely powerless when it came to negotiating my contract and dealing with my bosses. I remember breaking down in tears when my boss told me the other partners in the firm saw me as greedy for asking for a larger pay rise than I had been offered. The tears weren’t from sadness but from anger and the feeling of powerlessness. I knew for a fact that some of my co-workers were being paid far above the measly amount I was asking for, yet here I was being made to feel like an ungrateful child when all I really wanted was recognition. (And now I was crying in front of my boss! Ahhh!)

I would watch in awe at the way one of my girlfriends interacted with our bosses. At the time I honestly thought the difference between us was that I feared loosing my job (with both its financial and professional ramifications) while she did not have such fears.

I now know that the real difference was my girlfriend knew her worth. Not just professionally and personally.

The feeling of being powerless, of standing at the poker table without any cards to play is a theme constantly being talked about in chronic illness communities. Often, those of us with a chronic condition already feel on the back foot, like because accomodations are already being made (or do not need to be made for others) we cannot ask for more.

It’s so important to teach our children to know their worth and to know that it is perfectly acceptable AND BLOODY ENCOURAGED to walk away from anyone who attempts to short change them – not just financially, but emotionally, physically, spiritually….

This article about Ellen Pompeo is a must read: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/ellen-pompeo-tvs-20-million-woman-reveals-her-behind-scenes-fight-what-i-deserve-1074978

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