Steptember, I’m coming for you!

10,000 steps a day? Totally doable. Right?

Starting tomorrow, 4 September, myself and 3 friends will be taking part in Steptember – walking 10,000 steps a day for 28 days to raise much needed funds for children living with cerebral palsy.

I’ve been tracking my steps since I was hospitalised for physical rehab in February 2014 and am currently averaging between 4,900 and 6,500 steps a day (with the odd 8,000 thrown in). With those numbers, 10,000 steps may seem a little out of reach. But, if I look back to my hospital admission, it was taking me 8 minutes to walk 88 metres, on crutches. Back then walking down the street was an impossible task. I’ve now ditched the crutches and average 30 minutes, 5 mornings a week, walking 1 kilometre every 8 to 9 minutes.

I also started yoga 2 years ago (a year after my hospital stay) and, back then, I truly believed that 1 class a week was my maximum. However , for the past few months I have been averaging 2 to 3 body balance classes each week (a mix of tai chi, yoga, and Pilates). Yet again, something I never thought my body could manage.

So now it’s time to ramp up the stepping! What better reason than to raise money for those with cerebral palsy, the most common physical disability in childhood. (Also, the Steptember website tells me that yoga equates to about 4,060 steps. A little secret my Fitbit was keeping from me!)

If you would like more information on cerebral palsy you can visit the Cerebal Palsy Alliance website here.

If you would like to support me and make a donation you can visit my fundraising page.

Wish me luck!

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