Chronic pain · Invisible illness

The forgotten ones

I cried watching this.  I cried for Jennifer.  For everything she has been through and everything she continues to deal with.

I cried for myself.  For all the times I was dismissed by doctors.  For all the times I heard the words “There is definitely something wrong with you, but it doesn’t have anything to do with [insert next random medical speciality here]”.  For all the times my mother was asked to leave a doctor’s surgery so they could ensure I had not failed to disclose some deep psychological trauma due to her presence.

I cried for all the times I reached out to the medical profession only to be turned away.

I also cried for all of those who have yet to find help.

I am one of the lucky ones.  Eventually, I found doctors who listened, who said they wouldn’t give up.  I found doctors who took the time to find out what was wrong with me and what they could do to help.

I should not have to call myself lucky.  Finding doctors like this, who listen, who investigate, who don’t give up.  This should be the norm.

4 thoughts on “The forgotten ones

  1. I suffer this and other chronic conditions…. i felt like she was speaking about me. Its the loneliness and the not being understood that hurts

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