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Come on body, make up your mind


My little companion is a great hot water bottle for the knees

If there is one thing my entire body can generally agree on it is that cold weather is the devil.  My knees are always the first to be altered to a lowering of the mercury with the rest of my joints not far behind. As a result, I have been known to utter the words “I hate winter” on more than one occasion.  This year however, things have changed.

The first difference is I am pregnant.  And as anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you, pregnancy and heat do not make for happy partners.  At 33 weeks pregnant with what my obstetrician is already calling a “chubby baby”, it feels like I have a chubby baby sized hot water bottle strapped to me 24/7.  Add to that the second difference, a summer that, until recently, showed no signs of ending and you have got yourself one very uncomfortable lady.  The sweating, oh the sweating!

Just this week however, Mother Nature woke up from her 3 month slumber, realised she had completely missed autumn and that it is now supposed to be winter.  And so for the first time ever, I welcomed the cooler weather with open arms.  My body on the other hand, is a little confused.  This morning I woke up to my leg bones screaming out in agony “why oh why did you not cover us with more blankets last night?!?”  While at the same time, my upper half was letting me know that the blanket situation was a little over the top by sweating up a storm.

Is this a weird side effect of pregnancy plus fibro?  Or is this simply another weird side effect of fibro that I am only now lucky enough to experience?  I’d love to know if anyone else has this problem.

7 thoughts on “Come on body, make up your mind

  1. Being pregnant when having fibro certainly does seem like a temperature dilemma. I’ve had 5 children but all before I got my aches and pains. I’m in Sydney Australia and it’s freezing and pouring rain today. I can no longer say “Winter is coming” as winter is definitely here! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy

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    1. Five children! I know who to come to with questions 🙂 I’m in Brisbane and it was the same here today, absolutely pouring down. My knees certainly did not like the sudden onset of winter. Make sure you keep warm tonight, rug up x


  2. Well, I have to tell ya, after reading this post it makes me wish YET AGAIN that I could win the lottery and be able to travel to the other side of the world when summer comes! As you know, here in the ‘states’ summer has arrived…with a freaking vengence! Where I am at in Arizona, we are breaking records today with an expected 116 degrees. I mean come on, that’s not even a REAL temperature is it? Oh well, at least Thur is supposed to be 106, so, you know, I’ll be breaking out the sweat pants…Thanks so much for linking up to Chronic Friday Linkup!! Pinned/Tweeted/Shared♥

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