Chronic pain · Fibromyalgia

Guilt Be Gone


I am currently sitting in my lounge room, recliner set to maximum recline, heat pad set to maximum heat trying hard not to think about the fact that I’m supposed to be at work right now.

Today is not a great day.  Painsomnia had me up in the early hours of this morning trying every trick in the book to fall asleep.  When I finally did fall asleep, my alarm went off.  I think I hit snooze for about an hour before accepting I should call in sick.

Guilt has been a big part of my chronic life.  Guilt about not being able to do things others want me to, guilt about family and friends having to pick up the slack, guilt about calling in sick to work.  My shoulders and neck have been playing up lately and now my TMJ has decided it doesn’t want to be left out of the party. So, even though I’m sitting (lying) here stiff as a board from the shoulders up, head pounding, sharp pains stabbing my face, just able to open my mouth wide enough to take pain meds… even with all of this there is a little voice at the back of my brain taunting me.  You should have gone to work today.  You could have gone to work today.  Why aren’t you at work?

Well today I say, Little Voice Be Gone!  Guilt Be Gone!  Neither of you are helping.  You’re not doing anything to take my pain away or even reduce it.  In fact, you’re probably making it worse as I tense up every time you rear your ugly heads.

Today is about me.  Me helping me.  Today I will do everything I can to help reduce my pain so that when I do go to work I am the best I can be.

Guilt, you have been a big part of my chronic life but you’re no longer needed.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It took me all day to write this post but that doesn’t matter.  All that matters is it’s done.

9 thoughts on “Guilt Be Gone

  1. I found that my constant apologising to work did nothing for the pain, but made me stiffen up and make it worse. Although i didn’t want to give up work, I had to in the end and it was a good thing in one way as the guilt tripping stopped, but bad as i ended up in bed most of every day for a year when i decided i had enough and forced myself to begin meditating and then from their slowly knitting and then ever slower moving, but now i get up at some point most days and can spend time doing at least some of the things i would like to do, rather than spending all my strength to go to work.


    1. I’m glad you have found a routine that works for you. I am still trying to work out the best balance for me. Writing down what I want to achieve and asking myself if what I’m doing is working towards that or standing in the way is helping. I’ll get there eventually. x


  2. I felt so guilty every time I called off from work even though everyone was so understanding. I finally quit because I was so unreliable. My children are adults and now that I am not working the guilt is gone. I am broke but the guilt is gone.

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