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The good things about having a chronic illness


Appreciate family and friends*

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about being in a fibro funk.  The post ended happily enough with me emerging from the funk ready to tackle another day.  That was exactly how I felt at the time.

When I started this blog I made the conscious decision to try and write only when I was feeling positive (or at the very least, not to write when I was feeling particularly negative).  The blog is called Hope in Pain after all.  I wanted both a place where I could write about my feelings as well as a place where I could send out a positive message about living with chronic pain.

The truth is, since writing about my emergence from the funk, I slipped back into it.  The slip wasn’t as bad as the first time, I wasn’t wholly immersed in said funk but let’s just say I wasn’t a ray of sunshine to be around.  Anyway, I am currently on two weeks holiday and it is amazing what a little rest coupled with daily walking, time with the other half and sunshine can do to lift one out of a funk.  I was reminding myself of this at 5am this morning having already been awake for 3 hours thanks to painsomnia.  Good times!

So, in the interest of staying positive, I set myself the task of compiling a list of the good things about having fibromyalgia.  Let’s just say I like to challenge myself!  Here goes…

Having fibromyalgia/a chronic illness has made me:

  • Appreciate my family and friends;
  • Look at the big picture;
  • Question what I want out of life and focus only on the things that really matter;
  • Set goals (health, fitness, personal, work) and stick to them;
  • Stop and smell the flowers (literally, I can’t walk without stopping anyway);
  • Take care of myself;
  • Appreciate the joy in life;
  • Recognise when others are having a hard time;
  • Learn more about myself (including how strong I really am); and
  • Last, but not least – this isn’t a “made me” but having fibromyalgia has introduced me to a world full of spoonies.  An amazing bunch of people who support one another unconditionally through words of advice, empathy and humour.

There it is!  10 good things about having fibromyalgia.  And they’re not small things either, if I do say so myself.  What do you think?  Have I missed something?


* I awoke to find this note on the kitchen table one morning while staying with my parents 🙂

8 thoughts on “The good things about having a chronic illness

    1. I agree. I hate being negative, I think that energy simply makes things worse. I had never considered though that having a chronic illness could be a good thing so thought I should set myself this task 🙂


  1. I love that you call your down times your funk, I need to name mine. I am there an awful lot of the time. So would be nice to have it called something cheary 🙂
    I have found you through the Fibro Friday link up and very glad I did. I look forward to following you Blog from now on. I have just recently started mine and have gone through a very long “funk” of my own unable to post. This leaves me feeling rubbish at what I do but I will pick up and try again.

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    1. I’m sorry you’ve been in a funk, Wendy. Sometimes it is very difficult to come out of. I found you come out for a day and then slip right back into it. I’m glad you liked my post. Sending positive vibes and gentle hugs your way. Looking forward to reading your blog when you start again xx


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