Chronic pain · Fibromyalgia

My Constant Companion 

We first met when I was 22, he was 7 weeks old.  He was tiny, the runt, no body wanted him.  How could that be?  As he stared up at me with those massive brown eye I feel in love and it was inevitable that he would come home with me that night.

That was 10 years ago.  This morning as I attempted to sleep I felt a pushing into my chest, I slowly opened my eyes.  This was my view….

Ten years is a long time to be together.  A lot has changed in that time but one constant has been my little companion.  When the fibro made me really sick, the ‘my life is over kind’, my companion was there.  I couldn’t pick him up for cuddles and he couldn’t sit on my lap, his 3.5kg body was too heavy.  He couldn’t even sit next to me on the couch or bed because he always wanted more, even simply resting his head on my legs was too much.  Of course, he didn’t understand and I felt awful but he never left my side (unless it was to eat of course).

As I type this in bed he’s nudging me with his nose.  I know he’s saying “Get up, I need to pee and have breakfast”.  But I tell him not now and he lies down and waits.  We know that having pets… Okay, he’s decided against waiting and is now sprawling himself across my chest.

I’ll make this quick, having my little companion makes my fibro more manageable.  If I have to stay in the house all weekend, I’m not alone.  When I stay in bed late or lie on the couch, he’s right there with me.  He makes me get up and move around the house – to feed him, let him outside / back in or to close the front door so he will stop barking at everything that walks past.  He’s also great for making sure I complete my morning walk.  If I’m struggling to get up I just mention the W word and he won’t leave me alone until we’re out the door.  Best of all, it’s hard to stay sad around him because he makes me laugh.  I couldn’t imagine tackling this without him.

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